The committee will focus on the needs of the industry as a whole but also have role specific expertise on hand to help and advise.



Iain R Smalls - Technical Director, Iain Smalls Limited

Event Producers

Chris Lawson - COO, We Are Camerons

Gilly Bain - Director, YOURgb

Jenny & Peter Manian, Directors, Rogue Village

Event Promoters

Derek Martin - Director, Terminal V & Nightvision


Event Safety

David White


Andy Stentiford 

Edinburgh College & Director, Funktioncreep

Local Authority Events Organisers Group

Stephen O'Neill


Supply Chain

Calder Sibbald - Director, Black-light

Edward Scovell - Director, Arc Marquees

Alan McWhirter - Director, Paragon Power Services

Geoff Crow - Director, 21CC Group 

Iain Mackie  - Director, A-Live


Mark Currie- Director, Royal Highland Centre

Mass Participation Events 

Jo Dytch- Innovation Lead, Race For Life


Security & Crowd Management  

Gary McGuire - Area Manager, Showsec

Heading 1

Scotlands Together Festival Group

Calder Sibbald, Gilly Bain, Peter & Jenny Maniam, Mark Currie, Shane Grieve, Tamsin Ansdell, Stephen O'Neill, Iain Smalls


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