EPIC was established amid the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown as the first line of defence for the events industry in Scotland. Formed of some of the country’s leading independent event specialists it was created to represent those working at the coalface and most attuned to the challenges they faced. It gained immediate traction with regular communication with Event Scotland and the Scottish Government’s Event Team as well as key industry organisations and individuals taking membership. It quickly became apparent that the impacts of Covid-19 would be far longer-lasting and devastating than first forecast and the potential impact and importance of EPIC for the industry became greater. 

Born out of exceptionally challenging circumstances it also became clear than an independently regulated event industry body that undertakes advocacy at a national level has an important part to play in the future of the industry in Scotland beyond Covid. With that in mind EPIC has identified the following aims and objectives as means to affect positive change for events in Scotland:


  • Undertaking advocacy and lobbying at a national level with government and funding bodies to secure the future of events in Scotland - ensuring our seat at the table


  • Representing the interests, concerns, challenges and ambitions of the event industry (our members) to key decision makers

  • Developing sector-led strategy that will allow the event industry to bounce back from the impacts of Covid-19

  • Developing sector-led strategy that will allow the event industry to thrive

  • Holding bi-annual conferences and surveying that will allow us to best represent our members 


  • Holding bi-annual conferences that will create training, professional development and networking opportunities as well as encourage greater collaboration

  • Promote Scotland’s position as a global festival and event leader